Lay Flat Pouches

High Vapor Barriers

These films block moisture, oxygen, and aroma from entering or exiting the package.

Hang Holes

Your packaging can be hung on retail shelving with a variety of hang holes.

Finish Options

Choose from a number of finish options. Matte, soft-touch, leather, holographic, gloss, and more.


Numerous finish options such as child-resistant, metalized PET films, and recyclable.

Tear Notches

With this option, your consumers can open your packaging with ease with the option to add a tear notch.


Choose from Certified Child-Resistant zippers, press-to-close, or no zipper at all.

Variety of Sizes

To tailor your product needs, pouches are available in wide range of sizes.

Print Substrates

Choose from PET, Metallized PET, PE, Recyclable PE, PCR, and BOPP.

Transparent or Clouded Windows

Consumers can see what's inside your packaging with the option of adding a clear or clouded window to your packaging.

Spot Embellishments

Highlight certain parts of your packaging to make your product pop and emphasize.

Cold Seal

Seal your lay flat pouches with a cold-seal to ensure moisture stays in, and oxygen stays out.

Puncture and Tear Resistant

Your packaging won't tear or damage during pouching, transit, or with customer handling.