Digital Printing. Lamination.

Digital Printing

When compared to other similar products on the shelf, you need to ensure that your packaging design conveys a clear message and gives the customer the information they need to make a decision. With the right color scheme, great use of images, due consideration of the packaging style and size, you can ensure that your product stands out. When it comes to packaging design, the old adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ holds as true nowadays as it ever did. You could use a thousand words, or more, trying to give the best possible description of your product, but that one image will get the job done for you

The Digital Press 20000 by HP Indigo Pack Ready offers crisp, vibrant, appealing colors, producing images that inform and appeal to your customers. This state of the art press can turn your thousand, or more, words that best describe your product and turn them into an image that will speak for itself.

Benefits Of Digital Printing

Fast to Market

You shouldn’t have to wait 6-8 weeks for your packaging. With digital printing, brands can take their new packaging to market in a matter of days, not months. Our efficient production process enables brands to submit their art file online, make last-minute adjustments as needed, approve their final artwork, and begin production. Once the artwork has been approved, roll stock is shipped in 10 business days and finished pouches are shipped in 15 business days.

Run Multiple SKUs

Brands have the ability to run multiple SKUs in one job, without the added costs associated with plates and setup fees. Unlike traditional printing methods, with digital printing, brands can combine unlimited SKUs, each of which only requires a digital file. By combining SKUs into one run, brands are able to order exactly what they need, when they need it.

Low Minimum Orders

Whether your brand is big or small, you want to make a big impact. Digital Printing can help make that impact and give you the peace of mind knowing you don’t have to commit to high minimum order quantities. This helps reduce costs, excess inventory, and outdated packaging. Our low minimum orders allow you to run more promotions, test new products in the market, run special edition packaging, and much more.

No Plate or Set-Up Fees

By shifting to digitally printed flexible packaging, setup and plate fees become a thing of the past. Traditional printing methods require plate fees and high minimums for each SKU, resulting in large upfront investments and unused inventory. The digital printing process doesn’t require plates, which means zero setup fees and more flexibility. Due to this added benefit, brands have the ability to make changes without the added costs of purchasing new plates.


Laminating your flexible packaging can help your product in so many ways. It can help by improving the strength of the material by making it more resistant to tearing, punching, etc. that protect it, especially during packaging, distribution and storage. Barrier properties that protect from outside deteriorating agents and also prevent loss of product qualities such as freshness and aroma in the case of food.

All State Printing is well equipped to serve your business with cost effective, quality lamination that will secure your printed products. Our lamination specialists will make sure your substrates are laminated with the highest level, service and quality that you can rely on to make sure your product is preserved and protected.

We provide a zero-cure-time lamination while instantly creating a strong bond between digitally printed substrate and laminate film, enabling digital converters to print, laminate, and pack in demand for immediate time-to-market.

Benefits of Lamination


Matte lamination delivers a feeling of magnificence, opulence, and splendor, all while maintaining its strength and durability that helps keep your packaging safe. A structurally durable finish with an exclusive aesthetic.


Shine, gleam, brilliance. Gloss delivers that and more by adding a glaze to your image that will surely standout on the shelves.

Soft Touch

Although this laminate feels soft to the touch and feels delicate, it is a durable, scuff-resistant, ultra matte laminate. This laminate will protect and enhance your packaging and print while providing a high end and luxurious feel.


Leather lamination offers a unique dimension to the film. It simulates the texture of fine-grained high-quality leather. The grain pattern adds a rich dimension. This matte finish is scuff resistant without sacrificing color tonality and clarity.


This metalized laminate film features a subtle rainbow embossed pattern. The achieved effect is a visual display of light and color, bringing a visual and engaging display to your graphic.


The linen lamiante offers allure and tactile dimension to the print and packaging world. This laminate is manufactured with a unique emboss pattern on the film, giving your product the ability to stand apart from the rest., This texture simulates the feel of high-quality European linen. The tight grain pattern gives a suave and luxurious 'Old World' feel on every application.